13 Shockingly Creative Ways Drugs Have Crossed the Border

Let’s get something straight first: drugs are not bad, people have deemed random substances bad or acceptable based on systematic discrimination and unchecked fear of cultures foreign to your own. (By your I mean caucasians) First it was opium used by asian migrant workers who were forced to build our country’s railroad system under the most ridiculous conditions. Can’t have those chinks relaxing at the end of the day if they survived a day of blasting out mines and caves! Opium was deemed a bad drug while cocaine and alcohol was fine. Then came the dirty job stealing Mexicans and their marihuana cigarettes! Quickly ban hemp and all cannabis before it endangers our established industries (I’m looking at you LaGuardia) nevermind that it’s been used in asian for over 7000 years to the benefit of millions. My point is drugs like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are somehow perfectly acceptable because of who likes to use them daily (white people) while the drugs of choice of immigrants have been systematically banned throughout the world starting in the US with the drug wars going back as far the country has been around. Cannabis arrests are the new Jim Crow laws, an excuse to harrass and arrest blacks and hispanics and a very good way to keep the prison industrial complex booming. America has a disproportionately large number of its citizenry behind bars. The issue of drugs has been turned into good and bad by the government and you guys (the media) do everything to propagate it. It’s not about good or bad drugs, it’s a question of rights. Does the government have the right to control what you do or don’t do to yourself in your own home? THEY DO NOT.